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You Can Always Use More Power!


1005 9 Mile Sparta,MI


You Can Always Use More Power!

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Are you in need of precision cylinder head, block, or rotating assembly services? Let More Power, Inc. of Sparta, MI put its knowledge and experience to work for you. Our machining services provide customers with parts that are made to fit your one-of-a-kind, high-performance creations, from cars to boats, and more. We provide services for most foreign and domestic engines on countless types of vehicles.

Get precision parts for your unique application

You won't find a better price for the level of service you receive at More Power, Inc.


Experiencing complications with your new components? We're always available for any tech-support issues!

Take advantage of over 25 years of professional experience. Pick our brains, and ask questions.


We strive to work together with our customers to educate you on all of your possibilities and come up with the solution that's right for you.

Gain a complete understanding

  • Bake and blast

  • Magnafluxing

  • Sonic testing

  • Porting and flow testing

Explore a wide range of machining related services

FREE consultation services are available!


  • Align boring

  • Crank grinding

  • Computerized balancing

  • Precision engine assembly

  • Custom engine design

  • Dyno testing and tuning

  • Quality engine components and accessories

  • Computer matched engine paint colors